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About Microcredentials

What are microcredentials?

IBERS DL Microcredentials are short, online courses that allow you to enhance your knowledge at your own pace, with the option of earning university credits.

Who are they for?

Our microcredentials are designed for individuals leading busy lives, particularly those working in or interested in the agrifood and biotech sectors. If you fall into these categories, microcredentials could be an ideal fit for you!

How long do they take?

When you sign up for a microcredential we will register you for a year, however each microcredential can be completed in 8-weeks. Please note: If your registration spans an academic year, you will need to re-register in September.

What is the cost?

The cost for microcredentials is as follows:

  • £100 for learning purposes only
  • £250 to obtain university credits – you can pay this as a £150 top-up fee when you decide that you’d like your assignments to count towards credits

How are they assessed?

The learning process within the microcredentials will involve formative quizzes that assess your understanding and progress along the way. At the end of the course, if you are interested in earning university credits, you will have the opportunity to take a course assessment. The type of assessment you will receive depends on the course you have taken. It will either be a 1500-word report or a data set analysis, which needs to meet a pass-mark of 50%. Alternatively, you may have to take a Master's-level test, which requires a pass-mark of 70%.

This final assessment is designed to evaluate your understanding of the course material as a whole and is aligned with the academic standards expected at the Master's level. To have your 5-credits acknowledged by the University, you will need to pay a £150 top-up fee.

It's important to note that while academic credits can be used towards qualifications, the final outcome of your assessment will be categorised as either 'pass' or 'fail', without indicating specific marks or grades.

How many microcredentials can I take?

You are welcome to enrol in as many microcredentials as you desire. However, if you intend to use them towards an IBERS Distance Learning qualification, you must successfully complete four courses from the same set (e.g., Plant Breeding 1, 2, 3, and 4). Doing so will exempt you from an appropriately identified and relevant 20-credits in a related master's programme.

How can I use my Microcredential credits towards a postgraduate qualification?

If you want to use microcredentials towards a qualification you will need to apply to be a postgraduate student and it is worth talking to us about this before you do. Upon meeting the requirements of the admissions process and obtaining approval from the relevant academic department, you will have the opportunity to apply for a specific "set" of four 5-credit micro-credential modules, totalling 20 credits to be recognised as part of the BioInnovation or Agrifood Innovation MSc programme. However, as stated above, it is important to note that the recognition of microcredential learning towards these awards is limited to a maximum of 20 credits and only on the specified schemes outlined (above), which must be drawn from one set of microcredentials.

What if I decide to pursue an IBERS Distance Learning degree programme after just taking one or two microcredentials?

Should you decide to upgrade to a full postgraduate programme, we will deduct the amount you spent on our microcredentials (including top-up fees) from the total cost of your first 20-credit module, up to the equivalent value of one 20-credit module.

What Microcredentials are on offer?

There are lots of courses to choose from, (see full list with release dates). Those available to book can be found HERE

Enquire about our microcredentials here

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