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Ruminant Production

Ruminant Production

Release Date: Each February

The focus of this module is on how to increase the efficiency of both intensive and extensive ruminant production systems. It draws upon research within IBERS and elsewhere and will cover topics including: the basics of performance measuring; the latest research on ruminant genetics and using this to reduce the environmental impact of production. You will explore the fundamental genetics and physiology that underpin animal production in terms of: reproductive technology; genetic improvement; dairy cattle production systems; meat production systems; meat and milk quality; disease prevention and management.

The module's units consist of:

  • Global production
  • Supply chains
  • Producing safe and healthy food
  • Measuring performance and management methods
  • Reducing impacts
  • Ruminant behaviour and welfare
  • Reproduction
  • Genetics
  • Nutrition
  • Ruminant health
  • Production systems of the future.


Tutors Name
Dr Neil Mackintosh

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