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Livestock Health and Welfare

Livestock Health and Welfare

Release Date: Each May

Lead Organisation: IBERS, Aberystwyth University

This module draws on the expertise of Aberystwyth University, the VetHub and a wider network of veterinary researchers and practitioners. We will look at the general legislation and management of health and welfare across the: ruminant and monogastric sectors, focussing on current methods of assessing and improving health and welfare in cattle, sheep, pig and poultry systems; as well as the economic implications of poor health and welfare. As you progress through the module you will be able to choose which of these sectors you will be assessed. Part of the assessment will be evaluating the different methods of improving welfare and controlling disease for your chosen sector, as well as assessing the potential benefits of current and future research.

 Podcast discussing Health and Welfare in the context of sustainability

Module Units are as follow:

  • Controlling diseases 
  • Basic principles of nutrition
  • Animal welfare
  • Measuring Welfare
  • Improving Welfare
  • Economically significant diseases
  • Diagnosis
  • Methods of control
  • Challenges of the future

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Tutors Name
Dr Neil Mackintosh

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