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Plant Breeding

Plant Breeding

Release Date: Each January

This module is designed to give those with an interest in plant breeding a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to bring a variety from concept to market. Featured crops include: beans, peas, oats, ryegrass, clover and energy crops. We consider all aspects of what makes a commercial plant breeding program successful. Real datasets will demonstrate the challenges a breeder faces when making selections. You will undertake case studies to look in depth at the process of breeding a crop of your choice.


  •  Plant reproductive biology
  •  Control of pollination and uses in breeding
  •  Breeding systems for self and cross-pollinated plant species
  •  Defining breeding objectives
  •  Trait measurement and selection methods
  •  Agricultural experimentation and trial design
  •  Defining breeding objectives
  •  Variety legislation and commercialisation
  •  Marker-assisted and genome wide selection
  •  Utilising diversity, mutant and biotechnology in breeding


Tutors Name
Dr Peter Wootton-Beard


Molly Allen

“I will be able to set up a client orientated plant breeding programme involving local researchers and farmers.”

Molly Allen Plant Breeder, Uganda -
Happymark Josephat Pangani

The module is very good, it has covered all aspects of plant production and plant breeding. The support and assistance are excellent. I have developed an understanding of how to take forward my own research on agricultural seed production linked to the geographical area and the needs farmers.

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