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Organic and Low Input Ruminant Production

Organic and Low Input Ruminant Production

Release Date: Each June

This module examines the concepts behind ruminant production in a low input or organic system, primarily in temperate contexts. It considers alternative methods of production, from unique forages and sward mixtures to interesting animal breeds that could provide a more tailored product for niche markets. The course also looks at natural methods of disease control that can be adopted by low input or organic systems. The module aims to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the latest research into low-input and organic farming.


  • Overview of production systems
  • Low input markets
  • Nutrition in low input systems
  • Home grown feeds
  • Nutrient flow
  • Rotation management
  • Breeding
  • Disease control and positive welfare/health approaches
  • Ruminants in mixed farming systems
  • The future for low input farming


Tutors Name
Dr Sarah Watson-Jones


Sara Worrall

This is the best experience I have had of higher education distance learning. I was extremely well supported and advised and I am looking forward to continuing

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