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Business Management for Rural Entrepreneurs

Business Management for Rural Entrepreneurs

Release Date: Each May

This module aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful entrepreneur.


Key skills include, leadership, business analysis and planning, change managementand strategies to identify risk and build in resilience. You will learn how to develop a robust and logical business plan and use these skills to create one for your own new venture. Because the module requires knowledge of Microsoft Excel, it also contains a short online course on using Excel to help students who may have limited experience of thispackage.

  • Principles of Entrepreneurship
  • Business Planning and Structures
  • Business Analysis
  • Integration into New Markets
  • Managing Change
  • Risk and Uncertainty
  • Investment
  • Robustness, Resilience and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Dealing with Private and Personal Aspects of a Business
  • Establishing New Ventures


Tutors Name
Dr Neil Mackintosh


Jules Sandford

[The most enjoyable aspect of the module was] the business plan, although I definitely found this the most challenging. ....... Having never seen a business plan before or really looked a set of farm accounts It was defiantly a steep learning curve, however I enjoyed thinking about future diversification of my farm and writing a business plan for this purpose.

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