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Farm Business Management

Farm Business Management

Release Date: Each June

This module gives you the skills to analyse, carry out and revise farm business plans.It looks at all aspects of farm planning, from the accounts to the physical aspects which anyone dealing with farms should be aware of. You will learn how to develop a robust and logical plan and will create a plan of your own. Because the module requires knowledge of Microsoft Excel, a prerequisite to this module will be the successful completion of an Excel test during the first week. To help students with limited experience of Excel spreadsheets, the module also contains a short online course on using Excel.


1. Objectives and decision making
2. Integration - policy, economics, markets and the business
3. Business structures
4. Business analysis
5. Risk and Uncertainty
6. Investment
7. Robustness, resilience and sensitivity analysis
8. Dealing with private and personal aspects of a business
9. Drawing up and presenting business plans - methods and practicalities
10. Revising business plans


Tutors Name
Dr Neil Mackintosh

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