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Post Application Process

Through the Apply to be a Student page you can:

  • (Optional) Submit an expression of interest so that we can see which modules you are interested in
  • Apply directly to the course

Instructions are available on the page but please get in touch if anything is unclear

What Happens Next?

Once we have received your application the following steps will need to be taken:

  1. You will receive a formal offer (by email) from the University’s central admissions team. This may be conditional on you providing additional documents
  2. Accept your offer and provide any of the documents asked for
  3. Once step 2 has been completed your record will pass to the Information Services department who will generate a login for you. You will need this to access your learning materials
  4. Activate your new email account following the instructions sent to you
  5. In the week before the module starts the ‘registration window’ will open. The window will be open for the first week of the module too. It is essential that you go to your Student Record, login and complete the registration task which will become available during this window. Failure to complete registration will lead to a sudden loss of access when the window closes.
  6. Modules launch on noon of the designated day and can be accessed by logging into Blackboard

Downloadable Resources