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Dairy Pro accreditation

IBERS Distance Learning is a Training Partner of Dairy Pro.  In order for you to gain Dairy Pro points you will need to register as a member of Dairy Pro.

Becoming a member of Dairy Pro makes learning easy by creating an official, permanent online record of all your relevant training and development. It’s a great way to build a good reputation for you and your business with customers, assurance schemes, banks, landlords or potential employers, and formally recognises your commitment to learning.  Dairy Pro is open to all who are employed directly on a farm, who work within the dairy industry in some capacity, or who are studying an agriculture or related land-based subject with ambition to work in the dairy industry.

Many of our modules and microcredentials are eliglible for Dairy Pro points.  Once you have completed the eligible module or microcredential your Dairy Pro points will be added to your Dairy Pro members training record.  See Dairy Pro FAQs for the ways your points can be recorded. 

If you would like us to record your points please email us at ibersdl@aber.ac.uk or complete this short online form.

Modules eligible for Dairy Pro points

Microcredentials eligible for Dairy Pro points

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